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EZ-Radioisotope-Decay™ calculates the remaining specific activity of an isotope from the date of manufacture to the date of use in an experiment.


Radioactive decay is what happens when the nucleus is in an excited state and must release energy. Decay cannot occur at any time for 'stable' atoms: there exists a 'binding" energy' which holds the nucleus together. This must be overcome in order for the nucleus to release radiation. However, the nucleus of an atom does not have a set energy, only a probability of having a particular energy to tunnel to a lower energy state. The radioisotope decay law describes the rate at which the material decays. It is an exponential relation between the number of undecayed atoms and time. Mathematically this is described as: NA = NAo * EXP(-k * t)

Where NA is the number of atoms at time t, NAo is the initial number of atoms and k is the decay constant. The half-life of the isotope is defined as the time in which half of the total atoms decay (NA/NAo = 1/2).


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This is the main menu where you enter the date the isotope was manufactured and the date of use. The dates MUST be in the format of Day-Month-Year; each containing two digits only. Then enter the specific activity of the isotope in Ci/mmol and the half-life of the isotope in days. Finally, select 'Calculate' to display the specific activity remainingg .

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Alternatively, after entering the dates and specific activity, select a radioisotope from the menu 'Select_Isotope' and press 'Ok'
Finally, select 'Calculate to display the results'.
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